The thought of getting a brand-new or redesigned kitchen can be very exciting. It’s so fun to pick and choose the look that is most like you, and the possibilities are endless!

We also know this can feel a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin or the best materials to use. That’s where we step in. Christino Kitchens has gathered the newest kitchen trends for 2020 and we want to share them with you. Even more so, we can become your design partner, creative muse and even your personal shopper if you choose.

You may be tired with your age-old appliances and want all those new fancy voice command features. Maybe your fixated on installing modern lighting and a trendy patterned backsplash. Maybe you just can’t live without those hand-built custom cabinets you have dreamed about for some time. Whatever it is, we can help you design and build the look that is right for you.

Below is a list of the top 2020 kitchen trends for the heart of your home.

1. Yes, white is still in!

The color white has recently dominated kitchens in Connecticut and around the country, this is becoming less of a “trend” and more of a “staple”, especially for our colonial homes here in New England. This classic look will never become passé to Christino Kitchens and there are many reasons why. For starters, the color white makes any small space appear larger. White cabinets can be combined with any countertop material or a contrasting cabinet color on your kitchen island. There are endless amounts of possibilities that will keep white kitchens looking fresh and current through the years. Last, and maybe more importantly, when it comes time for your family to move, a classic kitchen makes your home much easier to sell compared to a bold or patterned one.

2. Clean and simple is a golden rule

You may have heard that “reducing stimuli sharpens the senses” and Christino Kitchens couldn’t agree more. We recommend a clean and simple design for your kitchen remodel, as it creates a beautiful unified look that is low-maintenance and timeless. Not too modern and not too traditional, but the middle of the road, is what our Connecticut clients typically desire. We suggest adding a few accessories to liven up your space that would create pops of color or sparkle. Trendy lighting fixtures or gorgeous chrome hardware are a few items we suggest. Nevertheless, this overall look places a spotlight on the simple elegance of the design and always creates a tidy and stylish kitchen!

3. New Looks in Built in Hoods

Built in hoods are a hallmark of a custom kitchen, clients love the statement and focal point they provide to their kitchen space. We love the way it looks when we integrate them into your cabinets and have it blend naturally with the rest. Gone are the days of ornate corbels and grape leaf adornments, we are designing custom hoods with simple and clean details. Popular looks now integrate shiplap as an accent or a contrasting stained wood “mantle” against white painted cabinetry. There are many creative ways to conceal them and we will work with you to determine the most functional and aesthetically pleasing way. It creates a big difference in the overall look of your kitchen.

4. You’ll find beauty in matte

We have seen a significant trend away from shiny and polished surfaces in countertops. Clients are opting for countertops with a softer appearance. Material options include soapstone (naturally a matte finish) or adding a “brushed” or “leathered” finish to granite countertops. Even quartz manufacturers are offering more honed, matte, and “concrete” looks on their available colors. Although a beautiful and subdued look, there is an element of caution, matte looks may require some extra maintenance depending on the material used. It’s our duty at Christino Kitchens to educate our clients about the materials they are selecting – making sure it’s a fit for their home and lifestyle.

5. Think outside the “White” box


Despite our earlier points about the benefits of white kitchens…there is life outside of white cabinetry! Our designers at Christino Kitchens will help you consider other alternatives in cabinets while still maintaining a timeless look. One cutting edge trend we have seen is the use of pastel colors – pale blues, mint green, and even peachy tones are showing up in these designer spaces. While this may be too out there for some, we think that a pale blue cabinet paired with white stone countertops, white subway tile, and light bronze hardware would create a striking but appropriate look for our New England tastes. Whatever your tastes are, it’s your home and you should do it your way!

At Christino Kitchens, we focus on what you want and build it with the finest of materials and precise workmanship, keeping functionality in mind. We know the difference is truly in the details. Everything at Christino Kitchens is built to last and beautifully installed to make sure the end result is the kitchen you had only once dreamed of.

To see what new designs are catching the eyes of our designers, head on over to our Pinterest page and have some fun exploring our boards.

Then, let your personality unfold into your new design and leave the rest to us. We will build your dream kitchen in the most efficient and effective way possible. Call now for a consultation (860) 430-2661.