When is the Best Time of Year for a Kitchen Renovation?

Deciding whether to get your kitchen remodeled is a big decision by itself. Choosing when to book it? That requires additional decision-making and weighing the pros and cons.

Let’s analyze the different times of the year for booking a home remodel and help you determine your best course of action.

When to Schedule Your Contractors

Spring Kitchen Designs

Springtime is very popular when it comes to home remodels and design projects. It tends to be a time where the weather warms up, slightly, and we start doing our own spring cleaning projects along the way.

But there are downsides to a spring remodel. Given the popularity of this season, crews can be hard to come by. They may even be booked several weeks in advance during the April through June period.

If you feel like you have to book your remodel during this time period, that’s fine. Just make sure to schedule it far in advance.

Summer Renovations

Summer is also quite popular when it comes to bathroom and kitchen work, but slightly less popular for projects involving attic inspection (it’s too stinkin’ hot up there!).

One advantage of getting things done in the summer months is that you don’t have to be around for it. Families can go away on extended holidays or vacations while their project is taking place. They can avoid inconveniences altogether.

Pro tip: summer is great for redoing your roof. The heat will quickly dry sealants and get your structure in mint condition fast.

Remodels in the Fall

Autumn can be a perfect time for home renovations, as long as they are completed early enough in the season. The weather isn’t usually too cold yet in October or early November so you won’t have to worry about doors or windows being open during the day, but you also have to be sure that you can get the renovations completed before the holiday season.

Mid-November is typically a hard end date for home remodelers since the holidays are rapidly approaching. Business may be slower overall for many contractors, which means you could score deals and save on cost.

Winter is the Time for Home Projects?

Cooler nights are hinting at the inevitable, fall is ending and winter is coming. Every year around this time, we all start to focus our attention inward as meals start to come inside and it’s too chilly to grill. Now, more than ever, it is time to fall in love with your kitchen.

We aren’t really sure what winter will look like with more schools closing, or more people returning to the workplace and what level of business openings we’ll see in the state. (But Christino Kitchens is open for business and taking on new work!) What we do know, is that we’ll be spending a lot of time at home, and our kitchens are working overtime. A majority of our life occurs in this well-utilized room, and kitchens need to be as durable as they are beautiful.

Counters are for rolling out dough, cutting cookies and preparing hot meals to feed your family during the colder months. But counters are now also for hosting zoom calls with coworkers and clients. Kitchen tables that once only served up dinner, now also host lunches at home, as office cafeterias sit empty. Our kitchens now function as schools for our children, as distance-learning takes over the entire room. Our kitchens are important.

Do you need a nook for your computer? Extra drawer space for kids’ homework and art supplies? More cabinet space to store your instant pot and air fryer? A cleaner counter without junk sitting on it – and no place to put it? Christino Kitchens offers custom solutions that are tailored to your lifestyle, with one-of-a-kind designs that fit your daily routines and needs.

Renovating a kitchen is easier than you think. Christino Kitchens will take care of every step of the process for you, from concept, to design, to building. Our job is to make the renovation seamless so that you can get into your dream kitchen as fast as possible.

Making Alternative Plans for Your Remodeling Project

Remodeling a kitchen can certainly throw a monkey wrench into your lifestyle at home. Here are a few considerations you’ll need to make prior to beginning any remodel project.

Plan Meals Around The Space

No matter whether you’re doing a renovation or full remodel of your kitchen, you’ll need to make space for workers to operate. Getting your kitchen worked on means you’ll need to find an alternative space for eating. In the summertime, this could be on your outdoor patio. In the winter, maybe just a different room in the house.

Plan Your Design Around Mother Nature

What’s one unfortunate consequence of winter? Cold seeping into your home through removed windows and doors. If you are getting your kitchen renovated and replacing nearby windows, look out for a cold snap here and there.

There is an advantage to getting a remodel done in winter though… pricing. Most contractors offer better deals for home remodels during this time of year because of the inconvenience factor. Homeowners just have to adapt by setting up a temporary “kitchen” space elsewhere.

Schedule Around The Holidays

The toughest part of a winter remodel is scheduling around special occasions. Even if you aren’t actively working on the project on the specific holiday of your gathering, there’s still the inconvenience of having to cordon off parts of the house for when the work resumes.

You may want to wait until the new year to begin your home renovation. This way you won’t have to make too many adjustments for the holidays.

Are you ready to talk more about how to make your kitchen run smoothly? Call us today for a complimentary consultation about how we can create the kitchen of your dreams. It’s a great time to breathe some new life into the space that is truly the heart of your home.