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The kitchen is where family and friends gather to create lasting memories, but it can also be a very hectic room on a daily basis. So we understand the importance of a perfectly designed space where you can prepare meals, relax and mingle with family & friends gracefully. If you’ve been dreaming about an updated traditional or modern kitchen, made specifically for easy living, then we want you to know how simple we make it for you to revive the heart of your home. Christino Kitchens has been helping homeowners throughout CT turn their dream kitchen into a reality for over 35 years!

A kitchen remodel can become very overwhelming for a homeowner and many times the project calls for detailed time management of electricians, plumbers, sheet rockers, and even a personal shopper. It’s the reason we handle all of this for you, and not just parts of it, but all of it. We want you to feel truly taken care of from start to finish and we’re confident that you will.

Our goal is to get you and your family back to your normal standard of living as efficiently as possible in a space that you are proud to call home.

Our Process

We know that CT kitchen renovations can be one of the most daunting home improvement projects to tackle—and we strive to make the process seamless and stress-free for you.

Our kitchen design team will first meet with you to discuss your design style, what types of products you want in your kitchen renovation (including design and finish preferences for kitchen cabinets, appliances , kitchen countertops, and cabinet hardware), as well as your budget and desired timeline for the work. There are many decisions to make during the design phase and there is generally no limit to what you can do with your kitchen remodel, but our kitchen designers will work closely with you every step of the way.

Our experts will come to your home to gather the necessary details to begin your kitchen design, such as exact measurements and information about the adjoining rooms.

We will then create the initial drawings, based on your vision. Throughout the design phase, your kitchen designer will meet with you as many times as necessary until you are thrilled with the plans.

Once you approve the design, our team of highly skilled kitchen remodeling contractors will get to work transforming your old, outdated kitchen into a beautiful and functional space that you will enjoy for decades to come.

Why Choose Us For Your CT Kitchen Remodel

At Christino Kitchens, we want you to enjoy a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for the unique needs of your family. Our designers will work with you to achieve a kitchen design that lives up to your home’s potential, one that reflects your unique style, meets your functional needs, and fits your budget.

Whether you dream of intimate gatherings or festive family celebrations, Christino Kitchens can help make your dream a reality.
Our expert kitchen designers have helped Connecticut families create the kitchen of their dreams for more than 35 years. Our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and desire to exceed our clients’ expectations is what our reputation is built on. We are proud to be among the top rated kitchen remodeling contractors in CT.

If you are ready to bring your dream kitchen to life, give us a call at 860-430-2661

Christino has been a trusted partner in beautiful kitchen remodeling in CT for over 35 years. Let us help you explore a new countertop, backsplash, custom cabinets, flooring, and more.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Design

The three main types of kitchen lighting are general, which provides basic light for the room, task lighting, which highlights a specific work area, and accent lighting, which can create a focal point in the room. Different types of lighting should be combined to create the most comfortable and efficient use of the space:

  • General lighting: Popular trends for general lighting in the kitchen are recessed cans or chandeliers/pendant lights that provide ambient or diffused light.
  • Task lighting: Under-cabinet lighting does an excellent job of providing task lighting for countertop activities. It is shadow-free and provides a nice architectural feature since it emphasizes the shape and contour of the kitchen.
  • Accent lighting: Whether you wish to highlight architectural features like ornate custom millwork or a display of your China collection, cove lighting provides soft, indirect light that creates a focal point.

Kitchen Flooring

As the busiest room in a home, the kitchen needs flooring that is durable and either water-resistant or waterproof. Some popular flooring choices for CT kitchens are:

  • Hardwood: Engineered hardwood has made it practical to have luxurious hardwood floors in a kitchen, as it is extremely durable and can hold up to the high traffic, as well as moisture-resistant to withstand the messes that occur in a kitchen.
  • Natural Stone: Natural stone is the best flooring alternative to hardwood if your goal is to add resale value to your home. It comes in many beautiful options such as travertine, slate, and marble, any of which will create a truly one-of-a-kind floor that is waterproof and extremely durable. Natural stone will require periodic resealing to keep it properly maintained.
  • Porcelain /Ceramic Tile: This tile is extremely durable, stain-resistant, and truly waterproof, all of which makes it an excellent choice for kitchen flooring. With the colors, patterns and textures available today, tile can look like wood, stone, or just about any design you can imagine.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: LVT is another popular kitchen flooring option that is both durable and easy to maintain. It is at minimum, water-resistant and some options are even waterproof. Similar to tile, LVT comes in just about every color, pattern and texture you can imagine, making it a very versatile option for creating your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

A kitchen remodel is the perfect time to explore cabinet accessories that will add ease of use, optimum storage space and increased organization. Below are some popular trends in custom cabinetry:

  • Integrated panel systems: Designed to look like surrounding cabinetry, these veneered facades are applied to the surface of appliances to create a seamless look and to make the kitchen feel less industrial.
  • Swing-out shelving and pantry pull-outs are an efficient way to maximize storage.
  • Pull-out tables fully extend for increased space to work or entertain.
  • Slide-out baskets and bins hide trash and recycling bins.
  • Built-in cutlery dividers keep utensils organized.
  • Tilt paneled sink fronts conveniently store cleaning supplies.
  • Lazy Susans make efficient use of corners or “dead space.”
  • Spice drawers keep spices within eyesight.
  • Wine racks provide storage space while also creating a focal point.
  • Appliance garages keep toasters, coffee makers, or other small appliances behind a roll-up door so they are out of sight when not in use.
kitchen design and remodeling in CT
kitchen design and remodeling in CT

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